Caring For Your Jewellery


Sterling silver, fine silver and silver-plated jewellery naturally tarnishes over time. To help slow the tarnishing process down and to keep your jewellery clean, store each piece individually in an airtight polythene bag or wrap each piece in acid free tissue paper. Tarnishing is not permanent and can be removed by using a silver polishing cloth to gently rub and buff the silver. Silver can be ruined if perfume is sprayed directly onto it so we advise that perfume is applied before jewellery is put on. Avoid wearing your silver jewellery when cleaning, swimming or showering.


Gold is a soft metal, and can easily scratch. To help prolong the quality of your 24ct gold-plated jewellery, store each piece in a soft material to prevent scratches. The jewellery can be cleaned and its lustre restored by gently rubbing the surface with a soft cotton cloth. Avoid contact with hard surfaces and avoid wearing your gold-plated jewellery when cleaning, swimming or showering.