Dried Flowers

To say something special:
To say something SPECIAL to someone, flowers tend to help cleary express ones feelings.

Roses are a classical choice.
They are always in fashion and can often be The Symbolic Flower, that represents some of the `all important occasions and events´ in our daily lives. Our natural miniature Rose; a real “Rose wonder”, is the smallest variety in the world, a hybrid of the Cloister Rose.

The process of creation:
Our Roses are dried, set on silver and covered with resin making beautiful pieces of jewellery: rings; earrings, bracelets and pendants. The Orchid Gifts Madeira offers a unique and exceptionally wonderful collection, delighting all those with a passion for Roses and jewellery.

Did you know……
Tradition has it that gifts of flowers have a special meaning…
Red: love
Dark Red: deepest love
Purple: goodness
Coral: desire
Orange: facination
Peach: modesty
Dark Pink: thankfulness
Pale Pink: grace
Yellow: friendship
White: innocence