Madeira Island in the Atlantic Ocean is situated 970 km from mainland Portugal and 500 km off the West African coast. Madeira’s origin is based on volcanoes which emerged from the Atlantic Ocean forming the island about 4,6 million years ago. The continuous eruptions of smaller volcanoes on the formed island produced at the end ashes and volatile light scoria as well as soft rocks called LAVA stone. The Lava stone forms the base of where the first plants settled.

The word “MADEIRA” in Portuguese means WOOD. This name is associated to when Madeira was first discovered by the Portuguese discoverer Gonçalves Zarco in 1419 as a dense forest.

Nowadays Madeira’s main industry is tourism. The island has lots to offer NATURE LOVING visitors as well as to its residents. Amongst the most popular nature-related activities are the LEVADAS and mountain walks, visits to its numerous gardens and parks and boat trips to watch dolphins, whales and sea-turtles. These are just some of the many attractions available.

Our fascinating JEWELLERY is inspired by the beauty of the flowers of Madeira and its volcanic origin. Our main jewellery lines are NATURAL TREATED ORCHIDS, PRESSED MINIATURE ROSES, OTHER DRIED FLOWERS and LAVA STONE JEWELLERY.

There are several UNIQUE EVENTS being organised annually in Madeira. The most well-known and popular are Christmas and New Year Festivities, Carnival in February, FLOWER FESTIVAL in April, Atlantic Festival in June and Madeira Wine Festival in September. The ORCHID GIFTS OF MADEIRA has been participating in the Flower Festival event with a sales booth since 2007.